The addition of premium footwear is an investment into your wardrobe and overall style. These shoes are intended to be a part of your closet for years to come. But normal wear and tear can happen with any shoe that is worn on a daily basis. There are, however, tips and tricks that will help to prolong the life and look of your designer shoes.

Tips and Tricks for Shoe Maintenance

  • Storage – Utilizing proper storage techniques are essential to keeping the integrity of your shoes. To maintain the shape of the shoe, stuff with tissue paper or use a shoe tree. Avoid stacking shoes on top of each other, as this can cause damage to the structure of the shoe. Storing shoes in a cool, dry place away from sunlight will prolong the life of the high-end shoes. Don’t forget to keep your shoes away from any pets, as they see them as a chew toy, not footwear. 
  • Cleaning – Anytime you wear shoes, they are going to get dirty. Cleaning your shoes regularly will keep them looking their best, despite normal wear and tear. Removing dirt and debris with a soft bristled brush will prevent buildup. If needed, a damp cloth to wipe away excess dirt or dust may be required. If you have leather shoes, don’t forget to condition them as well. This will prolong the life of your shoes.
  • Repairs – Inspecting your shoes from time to time will help to identify any needed repairs. The sole of shoes (and heel taps on stilettos) take the most abuse by wearing out or getting holes in them. Finding a highly skilled shoe repair person can take your worn-down shoes and make them new again by putting on a new sole and/or heel taps. This will extend the life of your shoes for years to come. 
  • Protection – Applying stain and waterproof products to your shoes keeps them looking great no matter what the weather may hold. Typically, your shoes will match what the weather is outside. Unfortunately, there are times that you will be going to an occasion in your high-end shoes and the weather won’t cooperate. It is best practice to make sure that your shoes are always protected. 

Shoes say a lot about the person. Although you may not realize it, people are subconsciously looking at your shoes. Your shoes let people know your sense of style, your personality and how you care about yourself. Purchasing high-end shoes is an investment that will add value and versatility to your wardrobe. Shoes help to make a statement and complete any outfit. Investing in proper shoe maintenance will prolong the life and performance of your shoes. Having a regular shoe repair person will help to avoid any shoe issues that may occur from regular wear and tear of your high-end and designer shoes.