Much Ado About Heel Pain

October 11, 2017

At Laurie’s we see tons of different foot issues every day.  However, heel pain is one of the most common ailments facing our customers.  In this entry of The Laurie’s Blog we will explore what the most common cause of this pain is and how we can help you to alleviate the discomfort.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The most common cause of heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis (pronounced: PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis).  We estimate that of all the patients sent to our stores by doctors, 70% of them have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis.  On top of this, we get plenty of non-referral customers who come in complaining of heel pain, that we help to diagnose as Plantar Fasciitis.  In other words, Plantar Fasciitis is the most common foot injury we see and the most common cause of heel pain.  If you are experiencing heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis is likely the culprit!

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, connecting your heel to your toes. Similar to a rubber band, under too much stress and tension this shock-absorbing bowstring can develop small tears (Mayo Clinic).

These small tears eventually lead to inflammation and a sharp pain or ache near the heel on and around the bottom of the foot.  These symptoms are especially noticeable after periods of long inactivity.  Do your heels really bother you when you get out of bed in the morning?  That’s Plantar Fasciitis. 

Plantar Fasciitis can be found in extremely active individuals such as athletes all the way to people who are more sedentary.  It can also affect people of all ages, so if you child is complaining about these kinds of symptoms, they may have Plantar Fasciitis!

How can we treat it?

Supportive shoes and inserts are the most effective component of Plantar Fasciitis prevention and treatment.  Due to the aches and pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, many people believe they need a shoe that is cushy and soft. However, a strong arch support is required to decrease tension in the Plantar Fascia.  At Laurie’s, our knowledgable Sales Team has been trained by our Certified Pedorthist, Tim, to figure out exactly what shoe or insert will work best for your feet.

To start on the road to recover, simply visit any of our locations and allow one of our Sales Associates to measure and evaluate your feet.  Explain your issues to them and let us take care of the rest!  Your Sales Associate will bring out a selection of shoes or inserts that match your needs and size.  They will also offer you a few pointers such a recommended stretches and activities to help get you feeling better right away!

A Step Further

For those with more persistent cases of Plantar Fasciitis or any other type of foot ailment, our Certified Pedorthist, Tim Powell, is available for individual one-on-one appointments.  Tim can customize shoes and inserts for individual feet and can even work with your doctor directly to make sure you are in the right footwear and headed towards recovery.  Learn more about Tim here.

For help treating your heel pain, please visit any of our locations.  If you would like to make a free appointment with our Certified Pedorthist, Tim, click here!
To check out some of our favorite go-to shoes to help prevent and treat Plantar Fasciitis, click here!