Laurie’s Shoes started with the idea to provide excellent customer service while delivering the best selection of footwear. Since 1951, this goal has remained the same. Sales staff and customer service personnel are trained in the latest footwear technology, fashion trends, and Pedorthic insight. Customers will find an extensive selection of over 150 fine-quality brands for men, women, and children.

We carry such brands as Stride Rite, New Balance, Asics, and Keen, to Birkenstock, Chaco, Nike, and Ecco. These brands are known for their fine shoe construction and craftsmanship. When shopping for premium footwear, the shoe construction, materials used, and the support of the shoe should be considered. The purchase of premium footwear is an investment in your shoe wardrobe, lasting for years to come. 

Shoe Construction

The basic construction of every shoe is the sole, the upper, the heel, and the toe. Depending on the type of shoe, construction may vary, but these four elements are essential to building a great shoe. Other variables that need to be considered are the stitching of the shoe, the materials used, support to the foot, and shoe style. 

All of these elements lend to the overall craftsmanship of premium brand shoes. They are constructed to last for many years while providing style and support to the wearer. A premium pair of shoes will carry a price tag that is higher than those shoes that are found in a “big box” store. But by comparison, the premium shoes will outperform their lower-priced counterparts. 


The type of materials that are used to construct a premium pair of shoes will vary depending on the style of shoe you are purchasing.

  • Sneakers – typically made from a rubber sole, leather or mesh upper, added support in the heel and instep, and ample room in the toe box of the shoe. 
  • Loafers – constructed primarily from a leather sole and heel, with either leather or suede upper and toe area.
  • Pumps – Also made from leather, this shoe has a heel that can be either stacked or tapered to give a very tailored, sleek look to any wardrobe. The sole of the pump is also made from leather.
  • Flats – Constructed in the same manner as a loafer, a flat is designed for women to give a classic style to any outfit. 


A well-constructed shoe will have a good support system for your foot. The arch of the foot should be properly supported, so that those muscles will not weaken and lead to injuries over time. Proper support in a shoe will improve posture and reduce the risk of injury to not only the foot but the upper and lower back as well. 


Just because a premium shoe is constructed from quality materials and offers good support does not mean that it cannot have style. Shoes say so much about you as a person. Your shoes reflect your personality and style. Whether you are shopping for a sneaker or a loafer, let your shoes tell the world who you are.