The image that is associated with designer shoes is quite possibly a strappy stiletto for women or a stiff pair of loafers for men. But this does not have to be the case. In fact, there is an art to choosing the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion. When deciding on what is the perfect pair, there are factors that need to be considered to ensure that comfort and style are achieved and that you are putting your best foot forward. 

Different Occasions, Different Dress Codes

Shoes are a necessity in life. No Shoes, No Service. But when you are attending an event or special occasion, you want your shoes to make a statement. Shoes tell the world your style, your sophistication, your overall appearance. And in many cases, the event can dictate the style of shoes you will be wearing.

  • Black-Tie/Cocktail Attire: Women – elegant pumps or stilettos; Men – leather loafers in traditional style and color
  • Business/Formal: Women – pumps or embellished flats; Men – oxfords or a sleek loafer.
  • Business Casual: Women – loafers or flats; Men – less structured loafer or slip on shoes.
  • Casual: Women – sandals or sneakers; Men – custom sneakers or boat shoes.

Factors to Consider

Although the occasion may dictate the type or style of shoe that you will wear, it is not the only factor that needs to be considered. Choosing the right shoes for your wardrobe is more than going into a store and picking the first pair that catches your eye. Doing a little research about your potential purchase will deter you from shoes that will just sit in your closet and never get worn. Here are some factors to consider and investigate before your next purchase.

  • Comfortability – Designer shoes may provide the beauty and style you are looking for, but do they provide the support and comfort that will allow you to wear them for an extended amount of time. If the shoes are going to cause pain and stress to your feet, then they may not be worth the investment.
  • Durability and quality – The purchase of designer shoes is an investment. Choosing a shoe that is constructed from high quality materials, such as leather and suedes, will outlast and out-perform shoes that are from man-made materials. A well-crafted shoe should last years. The type of stitching, design elements and shoe construction can determine the durability of designer shoes.
  • Personal preferences – The style, color and design of a shoe is what will attract you to the purchase of designer shoes. If a shoe does not match your personality, then chances are you will not be satisfied with your purchase. 
  • Brand reputation – Choosing a brand that is known for quality construction and durability is a wise investment. Before making the purchase, read reviews and investigate the brand and their reputation. This will help you determine if the shoes will be a perfect fit for your wardrobe and lifestyle. 

Shoes have to fit not only your feet, but they have to fit you and your personality. Purchasing designer shoes is an investment that everyone will see.